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Picture of the VIP Medlemskab card


In 2023 (this year), Anka's Style (we) decided to treat you with a unique OFFER.

The VIP Member card

With the VIP Membership card, you can save up to DKK 2,300 in the following way:


  • 10%  discount – on 1st salon visit (after you become a member)

  • 20%  discount – for the 2nd salon visit

  • 30%  discount – for the 3rd salon visit

  • 40%  discount – on the 4th salon visit

You can also share VIP membership cards with your friends and family.

*The VIP membership card discount ONLY applies in 2023 and for services over DKK 1600.
*The unused discount from 2023 cannot be used in 2024.
*In case of misuse of the VIP membership card - Anka's Style will cancel the membership immediately.

* The VIP membership card discount is NOT combined with other discounts.

If you want to become a VIP member - visit Anka's Style

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